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ICT provides a wide range of consulting services in the area of resource conversion. The following is an overview:

Building Design

ICT specialized in optimizing energy resources to lead to maximum efficiency and minimum energy requirements. Our energy auditing process has incorporated into it the possibility for applying the latest in high efficiency HVAC, lighting, insulation, passive and active solar, wind, biomass, and advanced geothermal technologies to yield the maximum of sustainability and the minimum resource utilization. We put the pieces of the puzzle together for those who want the lowest cost and most efficient solutions to meet their energy consumption goals.

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Plant Retrofitting

Often existing manufacturing facilities have extensive opportunities for retrofitting existing facilities to take advantage of the latest in resource conversion technologies. Waste products may be utilized to lower both material and energy resource costs. Control technologies can be utilized to improve efficiency and reduce material and energy waste. ICE can help plant operators find the direction toward lower costs and higher profitability.

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Because of our extensive experience in both conversion technologies and complex decision-making modeling, we are in a particularly strong position to help your engineering and/or management teams to understand the remarkable resource conversion possibilities represented by the most advanced technologies. We can help your teams chart a course toward lower costs and higher profitability. The following are just a few of the topics that could be addressed on workshops and seminars:

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